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Sigscom Marketing Proudly presents Mike DeLuna! Mike DeLuna was a fearless Hollywood stuntman for 30 years known for his death-defying feats, who carved a niche in the world of action-packed films. With a passion for adrenaline and a knack for pushing boundaries, Mr. DeLuna became a sought-after name in the industry for many years and is considered one of the greatest stuntmen of all time.

Mike DeLuna is one of the first ever to wear the iconic Jason Hockey Mask in the horror classic “Friday the 13th” Part 3. while portraying Jason Voorhees himself in some of the film’s most important scenes including the Rope scene that helped finish off the movie.

Mr. DeLuna worked on some of the most famous scenes in movie history including Clark Griswold in the station wagon crash scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation, playing Tony Montana in Scarface during the fountain death drop scene, The Lethal Weapon handcuff jump scene, the Rocketeer in the suit, and much more.

Since his retirement 25 years ago, Mike DeLuna has remained very recluse and has been out of the public eye, making this a very rare opportunity to meet the man himself. Mr. DeLuna is available for select convention appearances and private sit down autograph signings. For those interested in arranging such events, they can reach out to [email protected] for further information and inquiries. This provides fans and event organizers with an opportunity to engage with Mr. DeLuna and potentially arrange for memorable experiences or collectibles.

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