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Mike Tramp

Band(s) Played with: White Lion, Mabel,

Mike Tramp is a Danish rock singer, who is best known as the lead vocalist of platinum selling rock band White Lion. White Lion was part of everyone’s favorite 1980’s and early 90’s rock music era. White Lion released their debut album “Fight To Survive” in 1985 and went on to have massive success with sold out arena tours. Top ten billboard singles including their No. 8 hit “Wait” and No. 3 hit When The Children Cry came roaring in from their second album “Pride” which achieved double Platinum in sales. White Lion’s albums Big Game and Main Attraction are fan favorites and are still being discussed in the rock world.

Mike Tramp began his career with the Danish Teen Idol band Mabel whom he recorded five albums with. After coming to America to record some Demos with Mabel, the band returned to Spain, and Tramp stayed in America where he ended up meeting Vito Bratta in 1983 and formed White Lion.

Mike Tramp continues to tour and has recorded over 25 albums of original material including 14 solo albums.

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