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Thomas Lorber is a dual citizen Canadian and French. Mr. Lorber started his work in the film industry when he immigrated to Canada. Thomas is a French National champion in karate and his passion for martial arts and action movies pushed him to follow his dreams and work in the movie industry.

Lorber’s breakthrough role came with his work as Red Hood in the DC Comics series Titans for 26 episodes, while securing tons of followers on social media. Thomas was selected, along with two other stuntman to portray John Carver, the chilling villain in the horror movie “Thanksgiving.” Portraying the menacing and manipulative antagonist, Lorber captivated audiences with his portrayal of a character. His performance in “Thanksgiving” earned him critical acclaim and solidified his reputation as a standout talent in the horror genre.

Beyond his work in “Thanksgiving,” Lorber has showcased his versatility in a range of roles, from complex anti-heroes to charismatic villains. His ability to bring nuance and depth to each character he embodies has garnered him a dedicated fan base and praise from industry peers.

Thomas Lorber worked on several big TV shows and Movies such as : (Transformers, Thanksgiving, Nobody, Violent Night, The Boys, Arrow, See, Fubar, Supergirl, Batwoman) and more. Since Thomas was a kid, he was always passionate about storytelling. In 2022, Thomas went deeper and created his own production company called Underdog Productions which focuses more on creating and directing new films. In 2023, His short Film Beat was recognized and won several awards as best director, best film, best soundtrack. and more specifically the bronze award at Fantasia Film Festival 2023. Thomas Is now focussing his career developing action design for film and tv on top of directing and performing as a stunt performer. 

Thomas Lorber is available for select convention appearances and autographs signings. Contact us at [email protected] for more info! 

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