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Mathieu Coderre

Character(s) Played: Ghostface
IMDB Link: Visit

Mathieu Coderre is a multi-talented actor/stuntman who is widely know for his performance as the Iconic Ghostface in Scream VI (2023). Mathieu is one of Canada’s top young stunt performers/actors and he showed why with his incredible agilities as the masked icon in one of Horror’s favorite franchises. Mathieu Coderre has over 30 and counting Stunt/Acting credits including the upcoming Witchboard re-boot, We Are Zombies, Death Wish and More!

Mr. Coderre is available for select convention appearances and private sit down autograph signings. For those interested in arranging such events, they can reach out to [email protected] for further information and inquiries. This provides fans and event organizers with an opportunity to engage with Mathieu and potentially arrange for memorable experiences or collectibles.

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