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Scream 2

Kurt Bryant

Kurt Bryant is a legendary stuntman and actor renowned for his daring performances in some of Hollywood’s most iconic films. He is perhaps best known for donning the chilling mask of Ghostface in “Scream 2,” where his portrayal sent shivers down the spines of audiences worldwide. Bryant’s versatility in the world of stunts and acting…

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Christopher Doyle

Website: Character(s) Played: Darkman, Ash Williams, Ghostface, Leechman, Coffin Baby IMDB Link: Visit Christopher Doyle is a renowned Actor Stuntman known for his daring performances and remarkable feats on the silver screen. Mr. Doyle’s career took off as he showcased his exceptional skills in various high-profile movies, dazzling audiences with his captivating performances. His…

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Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson, the enigmatic stuntman, known for haunting the silver screen with his daring performance and chilling presence as the Iconic Ghostface in Scream 2. With a mastery of the macabre and a fearless approach to high-risk stunts, Mr. Allen Robinson has carved a niche as a standout figure in the world of cinema. From…

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